I come from a town called San Benedetto del Tronto on the Adriatic coast, Italy. San Benedetto is a concept store offering a mix of Italian food and beverages to retail customers. The idea is to promote and taste true Italian flavors, not only of San Benedetto, but from Italy as a whole. The offer will include only high-quality dry products, dairy products, meats, fruit, vegetables, cured meat and frozen products such as bread, cakes, pizza, meat, fish, ice cream and homemade food will be available. The goal is to replicate the joy and value behind each coffee cup served in Italy among Dundalk residents with an authentic coffee take-away corner. Later next year, an exclusive selection of wine will be offered as well. I hope to offer high-quality products and services to Dundalk and surrounding areas.

My Story

My grandmother triggered my interested in cooking at the age of 8 when I was only able to prepare few things and mostly observe. Slowly, I was able to cook for my family. Afterwards, for 5 years I studied cooking in the local school and my biggest dream was to attend the prestigious private school ALMA of Gualtiero Marchesi, considered to be the founder of the "new Italian cuisine". My serious involvement in the kitchen operations started at the age of 15, when I was studying during the winter semester and during the summer I would be working in in restaurants and hotels. After receiving the diploma as a chef and after a year as a commis chef I was able to finally realize my dream and attend the academy with the diploma of professional chef of Italian cuisine. After the academy, my partner and me went to Tenerife for almost a year testing and learning different cuisine philosophies. Now it's been just over two years that we're here trying to improve the food experience in Ireland. My dream would be to open a restaurant, but as a cook I have always complained for not being able to find the right ingredients, and this is where I decided to open San Benedetto shop offering true and original tastes spreading the taste of the real Italian food.